We want to let you know how much we love our Campbell barn.   It is the fulfillment of our dream to have
our two horses, Kip and Opie, and two miniature donkeys, Spanky and Carmenea, live at home with us.  
We always wanted a well-designed, practical barn, and that’s just what Jeff built for us.
From our initial contact with him and throughout the project, Jeff listened to our ideas and was able to
incorporate and, in many instances, improve upon them so that the final outcome would meet or exceed
our expectations.
Our three-stall barn is a very well built structure, beautifully finished with quality construction throughout.  
We love its functionality, particularly on bitter cold winter mornings, when we open the big sliding door and
step inside to a pretty cozy set up.  Our loft can hold close to 250 bales of hay and the pull-down ladder
makes it easy to access.  We love the attached storage shed; there is room for lots of equipment.  The
insulated tack room stays comfortable in all seasons and is just the right size to store the ever-expanding
collection of horse paraphernalia.
One of our favorite features is the type and placement of six fluorescent fixtures Jeff installed for the aisle
lights.  It makes a huge difference when grooming the horses.  The farrier and veterinarian also love the
ample lighting; it just makes their job easier.
In summary, we love this barn and will enjoy it for many years to come!
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